Wind propulsion system to decarbonize the Maritime Industry


3D Video3D Video

Voiles et Voiliers report“Voiles et Voiliers” report


July 2021: Wingsail ready to sail


July 2021: Pêche _ le retour de la voile se profile


April 2021: Hugo Lauras sails a ADD Modules  Wingsail 

Pornichet Select 650 

Since August 2020 : Océania, fishing vessel, a mizzen wingsail 24/7 installed for 300 days.

Wear analysis and amazing stability feedback. Durability  analysis of the system .


August 2020: Hugo Lauras sails a ADD Modules  Wingsail 

“Les Sales d’Olonne – Les Açores” race Mini Transat – 1st “sharp bows”

Hugo will race the Mini Transat  Sept 2021



January 2020: Brittany finances a new prototype wing-sail and the CORIMER selects the system in category 1 as part of a call for national proposals.


December and January 2020: Participation in round tables “clean and intelligent ships” – Pole Mer – Nautic – Lorient University


Autumn 2019 : Intensive trials in Lorient (GV P3 V1.1)

JULY 2019 : ADD Technologies at the MerXXL boots with Neoline Windship Shipowner 

– Maritime Industry-


April 2019 : Spi Ouest-France : a podium for Amélie (GV P3 V1)

VIDEO april 2019 : Voiles et Voiliers


First quarter 2019 : ADD Technologies equipts the main sail of Amelie Grassi Mini-Transat

Intensive trials in the Lorient Grand Large sessions coached by Tanguy Leglatin

Amélie Grassi Mini N°944


Autumn 2018 : ADD Technologies joins the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and the IWSA as wind-propulsion system supplier in maritime industry.


Voiles et Voiliers Sept. 2018 “The Tomorrow’s sails”

A nice publication on the Add-Modules System writes by Sebastien Mainguet


Spring and summer 2018 : design tested

Pascal Malcoste – foil on windsurf




June 2017 : ADD Technologies at the French Pavilion Nor-Shipping 2017 in Oslo. International event in the naval industry.

Couverture Flyer

May 2017 : the Bamboo-boat spreads a Wing in the Gulf of Morbihan

The Bamboo-boat spreads a Wing

March 2017 : The Soft Wing Add-Modules – Technique Voile on Open 750: furled on the boom hoisted and inflated.

Open 750 Mars 2017 La Trinité sur Mer

Voile open 750 La Trinité-sur-Mer

2016 : Add-Modules Soft Wing in International Grand Pavois Boat Show and Nautic 2016 in Paris

Vidéo : Bretagne Info Nautisme

 Soft Wing Add-Modules

 Add-Modules semi-rigid wing sails to go with the new practice of sailing which goes faster and flies on foils !

The Add-Modules system is a 3D system which uses a fabric sail as a support. The wing is designed by your sail-designer : a fabric sail and 
modules applied on each side of the sail.

Antoine Debled

Sailor on the circut Mini-Transat since 1998, Antoine Debled started to work on semi-rigid wing sails in 2006. He then tries out a solution based on a 2D concept: 2 sails are hoisted and spread apart; the whole is considered as thick. Antoine Debled sails with this solution in 2007 and races 2500 miles but considers that, even if he feels great sensations, the system cannot afford  medium to strong wind conditions.

parcours Transat2In 2009 he reluctantly uses a flexible classic sail on the Mini Transat La Rochelle  – Salvador de Bahia. It is between the Cape Verde Islands and Brazil, where the sailors are isolated, that he find the inspiration which will give birth to the current Add-Modules system : The easiest is to equip a fabric sail to obtain a wing.


Since 2010, Antoine Debled has been testing this solution which he considers now achieved and in phase of pre-production. This system is protected by two patents.

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