Innovative wind propulsion system  AWP “Augmented Wind Porpulsion system” allows soft sail in operation and in security regardless of its size.

AWP equips the fishing industry and focuses now on the maritime industry





With AWP system main benefits are: increased performance, easier practice and longer lifetime for large sails

  • The performance comes from a better airfoil shape which is thick and asymmetric
  • The wingsail is semi-rigid and allows easier exploitation and handling and more comfort for sailors.
  • The wingsail doesn’t flap which means less fatigue of the components

*AWP system replaces the technical name of our product Add-Modules

Maritime industry

Engine power saving polars depending on the sail surfaces and wind conditions are available on demand. We are already validating our datas by using off-shore racing as a support. 

The off-shore racing as a laboratory ::

Hugo Lauras (Le Crouesty) vessel is equipped with a AWP system mainsail on the 2021 Mini Transat ; numerous competitors have race the system with the coach Tanguy Leglatin in Lorient and have confirmed the approved benefits. 

A front wingsail on a 20 meters forestay is currently being tested.

Fishing and supply vessels

Since August 2021 the Oceania fishing vessel is equipped with an AWP system mizzen sail.  ADD Technologies produces a mizzen wingsail identical in geometry to the original sail but very arched and thick without flapping in the wind. Such soft sail used to be very flat to avoid flapping in the wind.

The original purpose of the project was to measure the wear of the system but actually the lifetime of the sail is being multiplied which is a huge improvement.  Compared to its former classic sail Romain Auffret reports a very significant improvement in performance:

  • Less rolling at sea
  • More pressure on the stern
  • Better performance of the propeller

Romain : “before the stern of the boat took off when the fuel tanks were empty: to day: never again” “I  better control my drift when fishing”

The next step is to equip Oceania with a wingsail newly designed for wind propulsion to measure engine power savings.


Characteristics and technicals details









The ADD-Modules System is light, furlable a-shore and reefable offshore.

The system is applied on the softsail and suitable on existing rigging for various platforms.

ADD Technologies provides a system based on current technologies and know-how.

Features :

On each side of the fabric sail are applied flexible panels or membranes. One or several bladders move  the panel away from the sail. Relative translation motion is allowed to the panel accordingly they are leeward or windward.

It provides :

  • A one-element semi-rigid wing
  • An asymmetrical profile
  • A side to side transfer
  • A variable thickness

List of parts :

  • A fabric sail designed to support the system.
  • Assembly parts : specifically developed for the system, they are removable and UV resistant.
  • Flexible panels.
  • Inflatable bladders :

The bladders give the thickness to the profile. An average thickness is defined in agreement with the sail designer and then, according to the wind or sea conditions, one can choose to inflate or deflate the insert in a chosen area. The thickness is independent of the mast section for a main sail.

The equipment is supported by the fabric sail so that the system is suitable on existing rigging for various platforms.  The front sails can be equippeed too.

Digital Wind Tunnel

To illustrate the feelings resulting from the practice, digital wind tunnel studies are carried out. Two fabric sails equiped with six thickness designed are analysed.

Performance is compared to fabric sails and results are obtained for the sails (drag and lift) but also for the boat (propulsion, heeling). This study will also help to design the shape of the fabric sail. .

The drag and the lift have been measured for several incidence in given AWA.


The results are available on demand.