Fishing and supply vessels applications : ADD Modules system

Since August 2020 the Oceania fishing vessel is equipped with an ADD Modules mizzen sail identical in geometry to the original sail but very arched and thick not flapping in the wind. Such soft sail used to be very flat to avoid flapping in the wind.

The original purpose of the project was to measure the wear of the system but actually the lifetime of the sail is being multiplied which is a huge improvement.  Compared to its former classic sail Romain Auffret the owner of the boat reports a very significant improvement in performance:

  • Less rolling at sea
  • More pressure on the stern
  • Better performance of the propeller

Romain : “before the stern of the boat took off when the fuel tanks were empty today never again” “I  better control my drift when fishing”

The next step is to equip Oceania with a wingsail newly designed for wind propulsion to measure engine power savings.

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